What are some common signs and symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency?

  1. Nervous, anxious temperament
  2. Sudden shying at familiar objects
  3. Violent pulling-back when tied
  4. Dislike of grooming
  5. Aggression towards owners or herdmates
  6. Separation anxiety, herd-bound
  7. Restless under saddle, unable to focus on rider, bucking
  8. Poor hoof quality, footsore without shoes or boots on hard or rough ground
  9. Short stride with inappropriate toe-first hoof landing in movement
  10. Laminitis
  11. Grass belly
  12. Insulin resistant with heavy crest and diabetes
  13. Stiff, braced posture with deep ‘V’ behind withers
  14. Front feet placed far back under body when resting
  15. Tight, sloping croup
  16. Stifle catch
  17. Tying-up
  18. Excessive sweating in hot weather, shivering in warm, wet weather
  19. Dry, flaky skin, Sweet-Itch, Qld Itch, Watery eyes
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