Magnesium Chloride for Horses (food grade) 25kg Hard Bag


RECESSION-BUSTER STRESS RECOVERY!  Limited time only special offer on bulk 25kg hard bags of magnesium chloride for horses (food grade).  Super cheap price!  Quality magnesium, naturally dehydrated. It’s just some extra work required to dissolve the salts and decant to drums for later use.

Note: Courier is unable to deliver 25kg hard bags to PO Boxes. Please provide a street address for delivery.

SUPER CHEAP!  25kg Hard Bag Magnesium Chloride for Horses (Food Grade)

These bags went hard because the stitching seals of the bags were faulty with micro openings so that they allowed moisture absorption from the air.  They are heavily discounted for this reason. Because they are not locally sourced in Australia they have a standard expiry date, but salt doesn’t ever really ever expire.  As Australian regulations don’t require expiry dates on salts, the date on the bag is not applicable in Australia. All the original minerals are still present as before, just with more moisture content, which has caused the salts to harden in a solid mass.

HOW TO USE IT:  Some customers just get a hammer and smash a chunk of flakes off, but this can make it hard to get measured amounts.  To make a magnesium oil concentrate that you can used just like the loose flakes, and in the same volume dose (average half a cup per day in feeds), this ratio mixture with water is recommended… Dissolve a 25kg hard bag magnesium chloride in 16 litres of pure water to make magnesium oil (approx 28 litres) and decant to drums for later use.

magnesium-chloride-for-horsesMagnesium chloride salt is very hygroscopic. It will readily absorb moisture until it finally liquefies itself into a magnesium oil concentrate. This does not however affect magnesium’s efficacy. It can be used both as a dry flakes additive to water, or as its liquid magnesium oil form. Magnesium chloride salt is in the form of crystal flakes with various amounts of water present: Less in the case of loose flakes, or more as they start to absorb moisture form the air until they look like they are ‘sweating’. As absorption continues, the flakes eventually start to stick together into harder lumps. Finally, magnesium chloride salt can completely liquefy itself if there is enough humidity in the air that it can draw in.  If you have any questions about magnesium chloride for horses please email your enquiry.

WATCH VIDEO – How to make magnesium oil concentrate from 25kg hard bags of magnesium chloride for horses.

Magnesium chloride for horses is essential to recover from stress as it supports the electrical nervous system

One mineral we can’t afford to lose too much of is magnesium, yet it is lost excessively under stress.   It is the mineral most likely deficient in animals during extreme climatic conditions, including floods, drought and bushfires, because magnesium is lost during stresses and traumas, excessive exertions, inclement weather or travelling.  When magnesium levels drop, temperaments get cranky and irritable, muscles can twitch and spasm uncontrollable, heart rhythm can falter, sugar diabetes, laminitis and inflammation can be ignited, and the immune system can become compromised.  Magnesium is the master mineral that drives our metabolism via mitochondrial production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) – the electrical energy batteries that drive all biological processes from electrolyte conductance to enzyme activity and protein synthesis.

We also have one of the lowest magnesium soils in the world in Australia.  Therefore, grasses are high in sugars and low in magnesium.  Magnesium chloride flakes are an ideal natural food supplement to compensate for what a horse may not be getting from diet.

Magnesium drops even further after heavy rain and floods because magnesium is highly water soluble and is easily washed away from surface soils.   It takes time for earthworms to bring magnesium back up to plant roots from the lower soil strata (if available).  In many areas the soil is so deficient it can’t even support sufficient earthworms…

Severe drought conditions exacerbate magnesium deficiency

Magnesium levels in animals can drop to critically low levels during drought conditions because of heat stress, dehydration, and loss of electrolytes from perspiration. Water is essential for life itself and magnesium helps water to access cells for better hydration.  Without enough magnesium we lose the water too quickly.

Organic farmers who treat their soils with mineral supplements including magnesium have a better chance at harvesting plants with higher levels of magnesium.  Supplementing grazing paddocks with magnesium salts helps to provide the horse with better quality grazing, however, excessive stresses may require higher nutrient feeds – such as magnesium chloride for horses dissolved in daily feeds.

magnesium-chloride-feedSupplementing feeds and drinking water with food grade magnesium chloride for horses provides valuable nutritional support to recover from symptoms of stress – naturally!

Magnesium Chloride for Horses:

Hexahydrate 98% MgCl2.6H20 (min 46% MgCl2)

  • Food-grade quality magnesium chloride salt with sea trace minerals
  • Naturally evaporated from salt water located 3,000m above sea level in the Tibetan Plateau
  • Laboratory tested – No mercury or lead
  • The flakes contain over 16% elemental magnesium ions

Magnesium Flakes will draw moisture if exposed to air for too long. Keep air tight.

For more information about feeding methods using magnesium chloride for horses please click here…


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Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 60 × 38 × 18 cm


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