Magnesium for Horses: Natural Magnesium Chloride for Calmer Horses and Healthier Hooves

Magnesium for Horses groupElektra Magnesium® (Magnesium4Horses) – food grade magnesium chloride hexahydrate – has been used since 2009 by horse owners all over Australia as a horse feed nutritional supplement… It is an ideal magnesium for horses because it is so easy to digest and more bio-available.  The original and the BEST!

Magnesium is the one mineral that is most likely deficient in animals because magnesium is lost during stresses and traumas, excessive exertions, inclement weather or travelling.   We also have one of the lowest magnesium soils in the world in Australia.  Therefore, grasses are high in sugars and low in magnesium.

Magnesium drops even further after heavy rain and floods because it is highly water soluble and is easily washed away from surface soils.   It takes time for earthworms to bring magnesium back up to plant roots from the lower soil strata (if available).  In many areas the soil is so deficient it can’t even support sufficient earthworms… Organic farmers who treat their soils with mineral supplements including magnesium have a better chance at harvesting plants with higher levels of magnesium.  Supplementing grazing paddocks with magnesium helps to provide the horse with better quality grazing, however, excessive stress levels can still overpower the value of nutrition in the higher nutrient feeds.  Elektra Magnesium for horses is the most ideal and natural magnesium supplement… as nature intended!

Food Grade Magnesium Chloride is a natural salt harvested from a pristine region 3,000m above sea level:

Elektra Magnesium® Chloride Hexahydrate are natural salt flakes comprising magnesium chloride in a crystal complex of 6 water molecules (hexahydrate) plus 2% trace minerals. They are naturally evaporated food grade magnesium chloride salt flakes, with Australian laboratory trace mineral analysis down to 10ppb showing NO mercury and NO lead contaminants. They also contain the highest level of elemental magnesium (over 16%) of all the magnesium chlorides in the range (range = 12-16%).

Magnesium chloride is the most soluble and bio-available form of magnesium, and requires no work to digest once it is dissolved in water.  Cells can take it up immediately – even transdermally! Other magnesium compounds encounter digestive issues and are less bio-available.  For example, magnesium oxide, a commonly used magnesium supplement, is only 4% bio-available, which means that most is expelled via the digestive system regardless of how magnesium deficient the horse may be.

Note that some horses with acidosis may also need a form of toxin binder and/or pH treatment to optimise the benefits of magnesium.  For more information about diet and nutritional balance you can consult with a horse therapist here.

What’s the Difference?

magnesium chloride

Magnesium Chloride Flakes

Magnesium4Horses was a natural offshoot from the human range of Elektra Magnesium® body care products.  People seemed to get confused about the Elektra Magnesium® packaging and kept asking if it was okay to use for horses, so a different packaging was the ideal solution. The same source of magnesium chloride flakes supplies both brands with the difference only being the course cut or thickness of the flakes. This aspect, as well as the cheaper horse packaging, means we can supply Elektra Magnesium chloride flakes at a cheaper price via Magnesium4Horses – which is very important when you have to go through so much more to feed a horse!

How Much Does My Horse Need?   (See Horse Feeding Methods here)

Magnesium for HorsesThe story of our journey since 2009 as part of the Horse Magnesium Revolution involves The Horse Mums (the pioneers) and is on our About Us page.

See above tabs for more information about Horse Feeding Methods (tips from some of the Horse Mums), Deficiency Symptoms and Diet Consultations.

Our BLOG page has helpful articles including: The Importance of Food Grade Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate.

Magnesium Chloride Flakes are available in various package sizes. Please see below.

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