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A Hoof Trim Requires Horse Trust

I had a special opportunity to hoof trim a 20-something-year-old ex riding school mare, who couldn’t be caught – even with food!

I decided, rather than try to contain her using a halter, that I should earn her trust so that any future hoof trim would be more pleasant for her… and consequently me too!

When I approached her she just walked off.  (It was a real challenge)… Combining principles that I learned from Allan Collett, Andrew Bowe, David Landreville, as well as my own experiences, she eventually settled and gave me enough trust to trim her at liberty. No stress!

The owner was watching this whole process from the shed and couldn’t believe what he was seeing – that I didn’t have so much as a rope on her for the trim. 

Hoof trim
Jeane Dekter – Victorian hoof trimmer and equine podiotherapist. Ph: 0458 315161

When I had almost finished trimming, the owner came down and took this photo. The mare walked away a little and then returned for cuddles! It was very moving… I won’t forget this day – even if I someday have memory issues! No. This will stay in my heart memory forever!

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